Frequently Asked Questions about ICPR 2020

The COVID-19 virus has gravely affected life all around the globe, including here in the Netherlands. Daily life in the Netherlands is still restricted in many ways, which has led to the unfortunate but inevitable conclusion that hosting an in-person conference is unfeasible and irresponsible. Therefore, we have recently decided to turn ICPR 2020 into a fully online digital conference. Our dedicated crew is fully devoted to ensuring that ICPR 2020 will maintain the high quality, interactive, and engaging nature that you expect, and to provide you with plenty opportunities to meet other attendees – virtually and physically where possible. We understand that this decision will generate many questions from your side, some of which we hope to address in this FAQ.

Why can’t the conference take place physically in the Netherlands?

Unfortunately, current regulations make it very difficult to host large-scale conferences. While restrictions are slowly relaxing, the central rule still in effect is that people must remain a distance of 1.5 meter from each other. Given the scale of our conference, this makes it unfeasible to host ICPR 2020 in a way that preserves this regulation. For example, the capacity of the main hall has been reduced from over 1000 to merely 180 attendees. Additionally, many international speakers will not be able or allowed to travel to the Netherlands .

What about moving the conference to next year?

While we considered this option very seriously, a great deal of uncertainty would have remained. This is because Dutch government officials have expressed that the 1.5 regulation will likely only be lifted when a proper COVID-19 vaccine or medication has been developed. At this point, it is impossible to predict how long this will take, as current estimates vary from an early 2021 vaccine, to never finding a successful vaccine in the first place. 

Will the conference take place on the same dates?

Almost! ICPR 2020 will take place from Thursday the 24th to Sunday the 27th of September, 2020. This means that the conference will be one day longer. The way we envision it, we’ll open the doors on Thursday, allowing attendees to explore the online conference venue, browse the posters, watch pre-recorded lectures and create a profile. The full conference program will start on Friday and end on Sunday. 

What time does the conference start? Do I have to spend a whole day behind my computer watching webinars? What if I live in a different time zone?

We will ensure that conference days kick off and end at an acceptable time in Europe, Africa and the Americas (and other countries with similar time zones). Conference days will start in the mid-afternoon in Europe, late-morning on the east coast of the US, and early-morning on the west coast of the US. 

Will this affect the price of a ticket for ICPR 2020?

Yes. The new ticket pricing for ICPR 2020 is as follows:

Full ticket

Faculty/physician ticket (refunded by employer)

Philanthropist ticket

Undergrad, Master and PhD student ticket

Day ticket (only available on day of conference)

Scholarships for lower-income countries *







* It is important that our conference is accessible to participants from across the world, including from lower-income countries. If you’re a participant from one of the countries on this list and your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to join the conference, please click here to apply for a scholarship and a discounted ticket.

I already have a ticket, what now?

If you are currently a ticket-holder to ICPR 2020, thank you! Your ticket will remain valid, and will automatically give you access to the online event, on demand content and the community for an extended period afterwards. Chances are, you paid more for your original ticket than the current prices for our online conference. Don’t worry, we will be able to refund you this price difference upon request. We will honor any refund requests made before August 1st – please send a short message with your order number, full name, and date of purchase. We aim to process refunds as soon as we can.

I cannot make it / don’t want attend ICPR 2020 Online and want a refund. What is your refund policy?

While we have a no-refund policy, we will grant all refund requests made before August 1st. After that, we will not be able to process any further requests. Every single refund needs to be processed manually. This is a time-consuming process, and we really appreciate your understanding and patience while we sort this out.

Alternatively, you can decide to donate your ticket (or the price difference between the new and old tickets) to our cause and organization. The OPEN Foundation has been a non-profit organization since its formation in 2007, and relies on the conferences for income. If your registration fee is covered by your institutional budget or if you’re in a position do donate, please consider donating (part of) your registration fee to support us. Your support can help us cover losses on flights, accommodation and other expenses.

Please contact refunds@icpr2020.net before August 1st to let us know which of these three options you prefer! Please allow for a few weeks for refunds to be processed. Every single refund needs to be processed manually. This is a time-consuming process, and we really appreciate your understanding and patience while we sort this out.

What about the program and the speakers?

We are happy to report that the large majority of speakers have confirmed for the online conference as well! Since no one wants to spend 8 hours watching lectures behind a screen, we are currently exploring all options of transmogrifying our original program into a shorter online format. Please stay posted while we figure this out. Suffice to say that you can expect the same degree of quality as our physical conference would have offered!

Can I get a certificate for attending this conference?

Yes, a certificate of participation will be made a few days after the conference.

Are you accepting new speakers?

We are not accepting new abstracts for oral presentations. We can still consider abstracts for poster presentations. Please see this page for submissions procedure.

What about the workshops?

Psychedelics for Clinicians 101 & 102 will take place online on September 6th to September 8th. Ticket prices for this online course remain the same, and previously purchased tickets will be transferred automatically to the online course. 

The Psychotherapy with psychedelics, Music for psychedelic therapy, and Microphenomenology workshops will all be moved to Fall, after the conference. We are currently discussing with workshop facilitators and will update this page and inform all ticket holders as soon we know more.

What about ISPPP?

ISPPP will now take place on Thursday 24 September. We aimed to make this an in-person symposium for Dutch mental health professionals to happen in person. Unfortunately, given the increasingly restrictive measures across Europe, many speakers will not be able to travel. For these reasons, we have decided to offer ISPPP online and have adapted prices accordingly. Go here to register directly!

What if I have a different question?

Should you still have any unanswered question or concerns, please contact info@icpr2020.net.



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