Haley M. Dourron

Georgia State University

Resting State Connectivity and Patterns of Disruption of the Sense of Self, in Psychosis and Psychotomimetic States


The Entropic Brain model proposes that the similarity between psychotomimetic states and psychosis are due to increased neuronal entropy compared to normal states. (Carhart-Harris et al., 2014). (Carhart-Harris et al., 2018).  Through systematic literature review we have taken a more nuanced look at their similarities and differences neurologically as well as subjectively, by examining differences in fMRI resting state connectivity within the default mode network and subjective perceptions of disruptions of the sense of self.

Through discussion of these differences, we will propose a new hypothesis for the continuum of abnormal consciousness: the Self-Entropic Brain model. This model will be based on a quadrant system in which levels of self-focus as neurological correlates to activity in DMN will be acknowledged along with entropy level in the brain, to create a more accurate descriptive model of altered and pathological states that is meaningful from both the neurological and psychological perspective.


Haley Dourron is a current psychology senior at Georgia State University interested in studying the neuroscience of the sense of self and how it relates to a variety of non-ordinary states of consciousness. She is also interested in applying methods of linguistical quantitative analysis to examine the cognitive biases of non-ordinary states to gain insight into subjective experience without expectational effects. She is active within her community providing talks on the latest research in psychedelic science to her local psychedelic society, Psyatlanta, as well as educating others in fact-based drug education through Students for Sensible Drug Policies’ “Just Say Know” Peer Education program. She hopes to pursue a career in research understanding how psychedelics and other drugs change cognition to facilitate the therapeutic process in clinical populations.



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