We are excited to announce that, in addition to the main lecture program, there will be a side program at ICPR 2020. Whereas the lectures and panel discussions are aimed at expanding your knowledge, our side program revolves around:

  • Offering you experiences that complement cognitive insights from the lectures
  • Stimulating connection, networking opportunities & fun moments with other attendees

The side program starts on Thursday and runs during all the breaks, as well as at the start and end of each conference day. You can find the side program (with time) in the ICPR agenda in Whova. It includes:

Breathwork workshops by Open Up Breathwork – inspired by psychedelic therapy pioneer Stanislav Grof’s holotropic breathwork

Musical Journeys by Wavepaths – deep listening to music that can take you on an emotional journey

Embodiment Circles with relevant themes: self-care during online conferences, embodied integration of new knowledge & embodied practices for psychedelic journeying

• Daily live musical performances by professional soloists on cello, bass and viola

• Fun mini-workout sessions, to get your out of your chair

• Two screenings of the beautiful documentary “Trip of Compassion”- that follows a number of Israeli patients with PTSD undergoing MDMA assisted psychotherapy

Contests & live polls to get to know each other and to contribute to the community feeling

Virtual Coffee Corners, Buffet Banters & Campfires: small Whova videochat rooms where you can connect, inspire and laugh with other attendees