Amanda Feilding

The Beckley Foundation

At the Frontier: An Introduction to the Beckley Foundation’s New Psychedelic Research Programme


Amanda will discuss the pioneering new programme of research she has developed at the Beckley Foundation, specifically focusing on LSD, and first of its kind research into unexplored compounds, such as 5MeO-DMT. She will also discuss her journey towards the important aim of getting these breakthrough compounds into a regulated legal market where doctors can prescribe them where appropriate.


Amanda has dedicated over 50 years to the scientific exploration of psychedelics in the belief that modern science can be used to understand, validate, and optimise the healing potential of psychedelic medicines.

In 1998, she set up the Beckley Foundation in order to open up the doors of scientific research into the potential benefits of psychedelics, and to develop a scientific evidence base to help reform global drug policies, so that these compounds can be made available to patients in need.

Over the last 20 years the Beckley Foundation has become a world-famous pioneer in psychedelic research. Amanda has been dubbed “the hidden hand” behind the renaissance in psychedelic science, featured on the Guardian’s list of the Bravest Men and Women in the History of Science, and has personally co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications on the subject, many with ground-breaking results.