Daan Keiman

Daan Keiman, MA

Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy

Psychedelic Chaplaincy – Integrating Interfaith Spiritual Care Into Psychedelic Therapies and Science


The presentation will offer a brief introduction into the nature and background of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy work. It will provide an overview of the particular concerns within the profession that are relevant for the field of psychedelic psychotherapy and science. In particular: spiritual emergency; meaning making in mental health care; interfaith communication; and multiple religious belonging. The presentation will then sketch out what a Psychedelic Chaplaincy might look like and why it is important to incorporate and integrate spiritual care givers and chaplaincy work into psychedelic therapies; especially in addiction care, hospice work and mental health care. A framework for Psychedelic Chaplaincy is offered and different concrete forms of integrating spiritual care into psychedelic science and psychotherapy are proposed. By following the demarcations between different disciplines and professions the presentation goes to show the different ways in which interdisciplinary cross pollination can occur and argues that Psychedelic Chaplaincy will increase the value of psychedelic psychotherapies and will enrich the support -both before, during and after- to clients.


Daan Keiman holds an MA in Spiritual Care from VU University Amsterdam. He has a private practice as a (Buddhist) Psychedelic Chaplain and works for Synthesis Retreats as a Lead Facilitator and Lead Health Screener. He has years of experience offering (psychedelic) harm reduction work on festivals and worked as an alcohol and drug counselor. His presentation is partly based on an article to be published in the Dutch Journal for Spiritual Care late 2019/early 2020 (Tijdschrift Geestelijke Verzorging).



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