Emilia Sanabria, PhD

CNRS, Paris

Panel: Ayahuasca in the lab


Emilia Sanabria is a French-Colombian anthropologist who received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in the UK and is now based at the CNRS in Paris. She has been conducting fieldwork in Latin America since 2001, examining the fraught relationship between Western (bio)sciences and indigenous and traditional knowledges through a range of ethnographic projects on sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and food justice and the demarcations between drugs and medicines. Her first book, Plastic Bodies was published in 2016 by Duke University Press. Since 2017 she has been Principal Investigator of an ERC project titled Healing Encounters : Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond that examines practices of healing that make use of ayahuasca in three interrelated sites: Healing in the City, Healing in the Forest and Healing in the Lab.

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