Inti García Flores


Mazatec from Huautla de Jiménez; Oaxaca. I was born on 04/02/1978. I lived practically all my life in my Mazatec community, I only had to go to the city of Puebla for 4 years to study for a degree in social sciences. Interest in my culture arose thanks to my father Renato García Dorantes, who was a healer and respected leader of our community. I was always very attached to him, and for as long as I can remember I have been accompanying him since the age of 7, in what he was so passionate about and I refer to his Mazatec culture, including ceremonies. I have collaborated in different presentations and exhibitions that talk about my culture in different states of the Mexican Republic, I also have under my protection the historical archive that my father was collecting and investigating during hid life; it is made up of audios, videos in different formats, film, still photos, 35mm negatives, textiles and colonial documents. I also teach at a secondary school in the Mazatec region, giving history classes.



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