Tania Re, PhD

Dr. Tania Re has a degree in Clinical and Community Psychology, specializes in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the CSTG in Milan and as a complementary therapist in Switzerland, deepening the study and practice of bio-natural disciplines.

She was a student of Professor Benson of the “Mind-Body Institute” in Boston where she learned mind-body techniques, hypnosis and visualization techniques for accompanying people suffering from trauma, chronic and oncological diseases. Over the years she has specialized in Health Anthropology and Ethnomedicine. She has always been interested in understanding systems from ancient traditions that connect mind and body with a transdisciplinary perspective, which is why she participates in an international research network that involves physicists, doctors, biologists and anthropologists.

Dr. Tania will be presenting instead of Juan Flores, who will unfortunately not be able to attend the conference due to the Covid-19 circumstances.

Juan Flores

Juan Flores


Material and immaterial constitutive elements of healing sites – The Mayantuyacu case study in the Peruvian Amazon.


Since ancient times, healing sites have been identified for peculiar geomorphological assets, hydrological structures and a specific biosphere.

As the place is considered already part of the therapy, the process of healing becomes linked to many different elements. The emergence of modern medicine and the indifferent localization of the sites linked to the planning of care therapies and the undifferentiated urbanization has in fact neglected – apart from a few isolated cases – this aspect of the cultures of health. Western medicine and ethnomedicine are today bridging gaps towards a new approach by exchanging knowledge and experiences.


The research project involves a multidisciplinary team: indigenous maestro, anthropologists, chemist, ethnobotanical, architects and medical doctor from different institutions. Its primary objective is the analysis of a specific place and the different processes generating healing. The case study is Mayantuyacu, a healing center of ashaninka medicine located in the Peruvian Amazon. The aim of the process is to identify the combination of geomorphology, hydrology, biosphere, medical plants and traditional mythology, music, landscape and architecture involved in the action of healing and caring.


Juan Flores Salazar is the founder and director of the Center for Medicinal Plants Studies of Mayantuyacu.

The center of Mayantuyacu is located at the origin of a geothermal source, in the heart of the primary jungle of Pucallpa, near to Pachitea river in the district of Huanuco.

Mayantuyacu, – spirit of the mountain and spirit of the water – covers 180 hectares of biosphere and constitutes a natural heritage protected and protected by indigenous communities since its origin. The combination of thermal and fossil water sources, together with the high biodiversity makes the site an area recognized as a sacred place since its first occupations and has been recovered as a housing nucleus by the family and ash√°ninca community of Juan Flores Salazar.

The establishment of tambos around a ceremonial maloca recomposes the traditional way of inhabiting the jungle, in which the relationship with the elements and natural resources allows to grow and maintain a balanced community. It is a dynamic balance, like that of the jungle, where the continuous regeneration and reconstruction guarantees the periodic renewal of the site.

El Maestro Juan is:

  • Sheripiari master expert in traditional medicine ashaninka.
  • Sheripiari – preparation and administration of tobacco.
  • Ayahuasquero – specialty of cooking and sub-administration of ayahuasca.
  • Palero – realization of medicines with barks.
  • Perfumero – realization of medicines with perfumes and plants.
  • Prayerist – communication with plants and their spirits.

From the lineage of the Ashaninka ayahuaqueros of the headwaters of the Alto Rio Ucayali, son of the ayahuasqueros teachers Fidel Flores Silvano and Hortensia Salazar Corpancho, and student since the age of 11 of the sheripiari teacher Eusebio Davila.



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