Leopardo Yawa Bane

The uses of Nixi pae in the Huni Kui tradition


Leopardo will present about the use of Nixi pae (ayahuasca) in the traditions of the Huni Kui people in the Brazilian amazon and discuss a current project with western scientists to use EEG during traditional rituals in the forest. While the global spread of Ayahuasca and indigenous culture is something that he supports and has given him great joy and opportunity, there are some things that worry him.

“My main concern is that our people and our culture will be forgotten as the white man gets carried away with being an “authority” on Ayahuasca. “Grandmother”, as some call it, is not meant to be yet another medicine that gets plucked from the forest to enrich pharmaceutical companies and leave Indians, the true guardians of this sacred medicine, behind.”


“I am son of Chief Siã from Jordão inAcre, Brazil, and use ayahuasca since my childhood. I have been traveling to many countries over the years to talk about the traditions of my people and to protect the forest. I believe that the issue of Ayahuasca is, in essence, an issue of human rights: as humans of this earth I believe that we all have the right to seek healing from the natural plants that we share this planet with; and as Indians and stewards of our lands, and guardians of our medicinal plants, I believe that it is our right to be able to travel and administer these cures without fear of persecution.”



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