Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson

Matt Jackson Patient 17 Imperial College London


Matt was a patient on the 2019-2020 Psilocybin for major depression randomised control trial held in London. Guided by Michelle Baker Jones & Dr J Martell


Matt Jackson is a father of 3 boys & lives in a rural village in Kent (UK). After a series of life changing events he became severely depressed. Having tried psychotherapy & SSRI’s over a number of years with little improvement, I heard about the psilocybin trials in the USA from a friend there.

After reading around the subject of psilocybin and the treatment of depression. I considered the evidence and it seemed worth exploring. I wrote to Imperial College in August2018 & asked to be considered for their next trial. I was excepted onto the trial & underwent treatment at Imperial during the summer of 2019.

The results of two 25mg doses of psilocybin three weeks apart & phycological support have been transformative. To date, I have been depression free and my quality of life is greatly improved.



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