Mendel Kaelen

Mendel Kaelen, PhD


Music for/as Psychedelic Therapy

Mendel has researched the incomparable effects of music on the brain during  LSD-assisted psychotherapy. His work has determined how LSD increases enhanced eyes-closed visual imagery, including imagery of an autobiographical nature. This gives light to how music can be used as another dimension in helping psychotherapists create the ideal setting for their patients.


This talk will provide an overview of latest empirical research into the mechanisms and best practices of music in psychedelic therapies.


Mendel is the founder and CEO of Wavepaths, a company that researches and develops methods that leverage the psychotherapeutic potential of music. Prior to Wavepaths, Mendel worked as a PhD student and post-doctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London, where he pioneered a central of role of music in psychedelic therapies. He consults on the therapeutic use of music, publishes and speaks frequently on this topic, and has been featured in Nature News, San Francisco Chronicles, Vice Motherboard, Rolling Stone, TEDx, Wired, GQ, Even Standard a.o. Mendel lives and works in London (UK).



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