Michelle Baker Jones

Michelle Baker Jones

Imperial College

Psilocybin treatment for depression – inside perspectives


Exploring the roles and relationships of a Lead therapist & participant from Imperial Colleges most recent psilocybin for depression trial.

Michelle, one of the lead therapists at Imperial College will briefly outline the trial design and the therapeutic context in which the psilocybin sessions occur. She will give a brief introduction to the Ros Watts ACE therapy model which symbiotically grew from  both of Imperial Colleges clinical trials (Psilodep 1 & 2), exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy as an alternative treatment for depression.

This will be followed by an in depth interview with both herself and participant Matt Jackson regarding their differing experiences of the psilocybin session within the context a clinical trial.


Michelle is an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor in private practice, based in London. She is also a member of the Imperial College London psychedelic research team. Michelle is a lead guide on the current Imperial College randomized controlled trial which is comparing psilocybin to anti-depressants as a form of treatment for depression. (Psilodep 2)

She also offers individual psychedelic integration for people who are struggling to process psychedelic experiences and co – facilitates a monthly Psychedelic Integration group with Rosalind Watts.






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