Rosalind Watts, PhD

University College London

Panel: Therapeutic Frameworks

As Clinical Lead of the Psilocybin for Depression Study at Imperial College London, Dr Rosalind Watts led the clinical team which facilitated over a hundred psilocybin treatment sessions in just over a year. During her 5 years at the Imperial College Centre for Psychedelic Research, Dr Watts published qualitative research into the psychological mechanisms of psilocybin treatment, and a model of psychedelic therapy, ‘Accept, Connect, Embody (ACE)’. In her new role as Clinical Director of Synthesis Institute she has expanded the ACE model; by supplementing psychedelic therapy with a year-long integration programme, the ‘Accept, Connect, Embody, Restore (ACER)’ model is designed to support ongoing connectedness to self, others, and the natural world. Dr Watts has developed a validated psychometric tool for measuring connectedness, and has initiated various psychedelic integration community networks to help those who have discovered a newfound sense of connectedness to maintain it. Dr Watts is committed to building structures to safeguard the ethical expansion of psychedelic therapy, and sits on the Usona Clinical Advisory Board. She will be involved in psychedelic therapy training programmes offered by both Synthesis Institute and Usona.