Ofelia Orlanda Yolanda Méndez Altamirano


I was born in Huautla de Jiménez; Oaxaca. April 2, 1950. My parents were: Erasto Méndez Martínez, a tanner by trade, and Eugenia Altamirano Fierro. We were 6 siblings, of whom I was the fifth. I was educated with the principles and values ​​that my mother instilled in me. In my family, we practised the Catholic religion which taught me to be strong and courageous. It was as a 10-year-old child when I met my great master of ceremony, he was a great wise man respected in the community. I am referring to Don Emilio Jiménez and it was how I learned how wonderful the holy children (Aka magic mushrooms) were. I first began taking ‘Los Niños Santos’ (aka magic mushrooms) in a ceremony at the age of 10. At the age of 16, I went to Mexico City to work and help my parents support us. After a few years, I returned to my homeland to help my brother; worked with him selling clothes and fabrics, as well as guiding ceremonies when I was called to for 20 + years.



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