All talks from ICPR 2020 are available

Get the latest from the field of psychedelics research, and enjoy hours of talks, presentations and conversations about the frontiers in psychedelic science.

Learn about the latest phase 3 trials, neuro-imaging studies and interdisciplinary perspectives on this exciting new field of research.

This ticket will get you access to ICPR2020 on Whova, the platform on which the conference is hosted.

Over 40 Presentations available!

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Over 200 people were able to visit ICPR2020 at no cost through one of our scholarships.


OPEN is a non-profit organization and is largely dependent on dedicated volunteers. Philanthropist tickets are aimed at individuals who want to make a difference and to give an extra boost to advocacy, safeguarding and connection in psychedelic science.

ICPR 2020 is the fourth edition of the leading academic conference for the scientific study of psychedelics.

Organized by the OPEN Foundation from Amsterdam